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Experienced team

Successful machine learning outcomes require knowledge, skills and seasoned practitioners who know how to effectively approach and manage these challenges. Inexperience can lead to weeks or months of wasted time and failure to solve the problem at hand. Even worse, a problem that can be solved may appear unsolvable, resulting in lost opportunity and business value.

Since 2015, our world-class team has delivered successful machine learning and AI solutions that drive hedge funds, improve e-commerce transactions, differentiate tech companies and protect global networks. 

Our team has pioneered AI solutions at organizations like Amazon A9, BlackRock, Facebook, Uber, Sentient Technologies and WolframAlpha.

Successful Results


Complex challenge?
No problem.

Our approach to machine learning is informed through years of tackling highly complex problems.

We have developed methods that leverage state of the art techniques in data exploration, model building and business outcome measurement. Our methods yield successful and scalable machine learning models that can be placed into production with confidence.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong
— H. L. Mencken

Shaping the Future


The right tools for the job

Our team includes world-class experts who have helped to build some of the most widely used ML tools available today. Our close partnerships with leading ML platform and data management providers allows us to not only see what is coming around the corner, but have significant influence on future direction of these technologies.

We know the best tools for your challenge and help guide creation of the best tools for the future.  With Launchpad, you're always on the cutting edge.