Streamline Consumer Signup from Mobile/Web 

Launchpad Identity is an on-premise solution that can be used by banks, telcos and other credit providers to verify the identity of their consumers. Identity can be integrated with mobile and web applications that require consumers to submit a selfie and a picture of their government issued ID. Identity can verify if the person on the photo ID matches the person in the selfie and verify other information, such as their name, date of birth, ID number, etc.


Face Recognition

Face Recognition is a deep learning system that simplifies and automates the process of identity verification. It is trained on a large collection of face images of individuals from varying ethnic and age groups.

Screenshot 2017-10-12 07.30.27.png

Text Recognition

Text Recognition is an OCR program that reads an image of government issued identification and determines whether the ID text matches applicant-submitted identification information.


Selfie / ID Matching

A recent selfie can be matched to government issued photo identification to fully identify the person applying for the account.

Identity is robust to different ID formats, face angles, poor lighting and partial occlusion.

On-premise Deployment

Identity is specifically designed for enterprises to run on-premise, to avoid privacy and security issues associated with using cloud APIs.  

Identity uses Singularity containerization technology to make integration with existing applications easy.