Avoid Product Recalls

Launchpad Quality is a vision application that can be used in consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industry applications to identify errors that can result in recalls and consumer complaints. 

Quality applies the latest scene-text, OCR, brand identification deep learning models to a product package in order to verify that it matches the product specification.

Identifying Errors

Misprints and missing information can be identified by comparing what Quality sees on product packaging to the actual specification.  

Quality can also check elements it finds on packages for consistency.  In this example, the drug label has four instances of "1 mg" but the tablet specification is incorrectly stating "7 mg" 

Screenshot 2017-10-20 10.07.29.png

On-premise Deployment

Quality is specifically designed for enterprises to run on-premise, to avoid security and other regulatory issues associated with using cloud APIs.