Arshak Navruzyan

Arshak Navruzyan is a machine learning focused product manager. He founded Fellowship.AI applied machine learning fellowship program and is the Chief Technology Officer at Sentient. 

He has delivered AI solutions for multi-billion dollar quantitative hedge funds, numerous venture funded startups and some of the largest telecoms in the world.

Arshak has been in technology leadership roles at Argyle Data, Alpine Data Labs, Endeca/Oracle.  


Randy Dean

Randy Dean is focused on the business end of technology.  He has led enterprise development and go-to-market strategy for products and services in disruptive technology markets including online services, digital postal platforms/payments and Artificial Intelligence.

He has held leadership roles at organizations including Sentient Technologies, Digital Post Australia, LivingSocial, the Active Network and America Online.

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Frank Sharp

Frank Sharp began working in the fields of pattern recognition and machine learning at Texas Instruments, where he developed software for infrared imaging systems. Later, at Voice Control Systems, Frank served as Principal Scientist for speech recognition, where he lead a team of engineers in developing speech-enabled products and services. He has also worked in telecommunications, signal processing and medical device software development. 

Frank has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University.